Welcome to the North Skye Kayak Club website.......

As the name suggests, we are a kayak club based in the north of the Isle of Skye and our main interest is sea kayaking. The club started in January 2010 and we are affiliated to the SCA. Members are kept informed about current trips etc by email and this website and we have a fantastic selection of areas to paddle. Anyone over 18 who is interested in joining will be warmly welcomed. Membership is £15 per year. The club has a selection of equipment, kayaks, paddles, buoyancy aids, spray decks and cags that are available for beginners to enable them to get started. A charge is made for the use of the equipment on club trips and coaching sessions, and the money collected goes towards the maintenance of the equipment. See the "News" page to see what we do. Contact our club secretary on the email address below for further details.

Any enquiries about membership etc can be made to our Club Secretary by email; nskye.kayakclub@gmail.com

North Skye Kayak Club is affiliated to the Scottish Canoe Association.

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